Towards Equitable Schooling for Black Canadian Students: Workshops for Educational Workers, Teachers and Parents


Our project results from a grant from the Inclusive Education branch of the Ontario Ministry of Education awarded to Drs. Sandra R. Schecter and Carl E. James for the purposes of developing and hosting after-school workshops for parents, professional educators, and equity officers concerned with the learning needs, educational performance, and social integration of African and Caribbean descent students in Ontario. To this end, we are pleased to offer workshops corresponding to themes that address different needs and interests identified by professional educators, parents, and educational workers who teach, raise, and mentor mentor this student demographic (James et al., 2010; James & Turner, 2017; Schecter et al., 2014).

Each workshop is delivered by two expert professionals from a team of researcher- practitioners whose biographical information may be found under Workshop Facilitators (About Our Project). In general, we offer two workshop foci (About Our Project), in consideration of the priorities expressed by different stakeholder groups. However, the content of each workshop is always tailored to the specific needs and anticipated audience of the host institution/group. Workshops are free of charge to professional associations and parent collaboratives within Ontario, that is, costs of delivering the workshops are covered by the grant.

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James, C. E., & Turner, T. (2017). Towards Race Equity in Education: The Schooling of Black Students in the Greater Toronto Area. Toronto, Ontario, Canada: York University.

Schecter, S. R., Parejo, I., Ambadiang, T., & James, C. (2014). Schooling transnational speakers of the societal language: Language variation policy in Madrid and Toronto. Language Policy(13), 121-144.

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