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Supporting the School Engagement of African and Caribbean Descent Students

This workshop aims to familiarize teachers, administrators and educational workers with issues confronted by bi-dialectal students in addressing school-based expectations and other educational challenges. Research data related to the academic trajectories and social inclusion of bi-dialectal students in Ontario will be introduced. We also explore inclusive schooling practices that have been shown to enhance students’ academic engagement and performance by creating a welcoming and supportive school environment. Such practices involve the inclusion of cultural sources of knowledge within classrooms and production and use of educational materials that point out differences between varieties of English considered “vernacular” and “standard.” Other strategies that enhance social inclusion and the overall wellness of students include after-school enrichment, sports, and mentoring activities.


Advocating for African and Caribbean Descent Students

Engaging Parents and the Community This workshop provides an overview of effective strategies used to engage parents and community mentors as advocates and partners in their children’s education and to promote a collaborative relationship between parents and professional educators. We borrow from school-community initiatives such as the Conversations in Education, Leadership by Design, and Parent Involvement AS Education (PIE) to explore avenues that show promise in enhancing communication between school representatives and caregivers and in fostering approaches that enable skill-building opportunities for parents, especially with reference to advocacy for their children regarding access to the provincial curriculum and decisions that affect youths’ career trajectories.

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